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MY BROTHER DELETED MY GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW I HAVE TO START ALL OVER AGAIN! Anyways...this story right here is my best story ever, EVER! Which isn't saying much, but I still like it. Takes place about 5 to 10 years after KOTOR 2 and contains a spoiler to the end of the game so you ar warned!

Stari walked into the dimly lit room. She smiled inside at the moans of the many tortured prisoners. She loved watching other peoples’ lives burn. She loved it because her life had died long ago. She could barely remember those days before that. She walked down the pitch-black hallway. She had been alerted that some of the students had captured a Jedi. Stari was surprised the idiots could hold blasters the right way, let alone capture a Jedi. The Masters didn’t teach the students like they used to. All the non-sensitive students were nothing more than bodies that would do the Masters’ bidding until they lost what little valuable manpower they had, and even if they were sensitive they would get little respect or power. Even if a student was considerably strong in the Force they would be beat down. It was to ensure that the Masters held power. Few of the Masters would even stand a chance against a non-sensitive. The masters were just old men and women that once held the galaxy by its throat. They proved no threat to anyone, but nobody knew that. Stari opened a huge set of doors. A man was strapped to a metal table in the middle of the room. A Dark Jedi was using force lightning on him. He saw Stari, and quickly backed into the shadows. Stari walked up to the table. He was only about thirty. He had messy brownish-black hair and deep brown eyes. He tried to break free like an idiot. He had some minor flesh wounds. He saw Stari, and stopped his struggling.

“Those straps are made of metal. Jedi aren’t superhuman, you’re not going to break free from those,” Stari said with an expressionless face.

He just stared at her. He thought that he might be able to make her lose interest if he didn’t give her what she wanted. It was a clever attempt, but Stari didn’t care. Stari had seen this tactic many times before. All Stari wanted was to see the last glimmer of life leave him. This one was definitely a Jedi. He had many walls in his mind. They all had doors, all Stari had to do was find the key to them. She used Force lightning on him. It was regulation to start with lightning and choke, then work up to storm and kill. He didn’t even grunt. It was typical. They would usually stay strong until at least twelve hours had past. Stari never showed emotions to her victims, or for that matter anyone. It just gave them a crack in the door to her mind to look into. Her pale, scarred face was expressionless. She never made eye contact with anyone. It was just one more window into her mind. For this reason her eyes were placed slightly below his eyes.

“Do not think yourself strong for not showing pain. I will only be impressed if you can still do that after weeks of torture,” Stari said in an expressionless tone.

He showed no reaction to this. He was still trying to make her lose interest. She shocked him again. He gave no response to this. He held too much pride in himself. Stari just thought less of him. She walked around the table in a menacing gait. He watched her as she ran her fingers down the length of his chest. She knew how uncomfortable this made him. She knew that he thought she was beautiful. All men did. Even the students would stare at her sometimes. Stari loved all the Jedi that she killed. She killed them because she knew they loved her too. No Jedi deserved to love her. She lived a complex string of passions and emotions with her victims. It was how her mind ticked. How she drove herself to kill them. It was how she drew out the amusement of their deaths. It might have stemmed off her fall. She remembered when she killed her master, knowing that he had loved her.

“I like to know the names of my victims. Who are you?” Stari said.

The man spat at her. She laughed at this inside. On the outside she looked at him with a blank stare. She used force lightning on him again. He showed no pain. This amused her even more, but she showed no sign of it. She enjoyed watching them rebel. She loved watching them show no emotion, follow their silly Jedi Code. It made her laugh so hard on the inside. He was staring at her. She made no eye contact. She used force breach on him. To him it must have seemed like an invisible snake was coiling around his ribcage. She slowly squeezed the breath out of his lungs. He made a wheezing sound. She laughed so hard inside. She let go. He gasped for air. She knew his pain, but did not take pity on him. The Masters had resorted to this when she had broken the rules, but that had been years ago.

“Not showing emotion doesn’t help. I’m not going to stop. It just makes me want to torture you even more,” Stari said.

He turned his stare away. She walked to the other side of the table. She took him by the face. He tried to bight her hand, but she pulled away. He glared at her. Stari stayed expressionless. He started to struggle in his restraints again. She just stared at him, an ominous shadow. She used force storm on him. He screamed this time. A Dark Jedi came lurking out of the shadows.

“Stari, you know the rules! You can’t use force storm before the first twenty four hours!” he said.

Stari held out her hand in his direction. He grasped his throat. He slowly rose off the ground. He has gasping for air. She dropped his lifeless body on the floor. Some of the other students laughed at his death. Stari turned to one of the laughing students. Everyone went silent. She force screamed at her. She held her head. She shook back and forth. The students all watched in horror as Stari killed another student. Stari turned back to the metal table. He was scared and he was taking no care to cover it. She walked around the table again. Stari made brief eye contact with him. He looked at her in astonishment.

“The pain you feel, it’s so intense,” he said.

Stari stayed silent. She ran her fingers down his face. He just stared at her. He had never seen such pain in anyone before. Stari stared into his eyes for a long time. It was an open door for both of them. The Jedi was once a Sith, but had been saved by a Jedi. The man saw more than Stari did. Stari was in constant pain from something that the Jedi couldn’t see. She turned away. Some of the students exchanged looks. They had never seen her express her emotions, and she had shown them to a victim, a Jedi. They all assumed that she was losing her power.

“What is it that causes you such pain?” the Jedi asked.

Stari didn’t say anything. She set force storm upon him. He screamed in pain. He was bleeding where the metal straps lay. They dug into his skin. Stari had shown weakness, and to a Jedi no less. The students would surly be telling the Masters about this. The Masters would have her tortured, again. Stari went back to her emotionless state. The Jedi still stared at her. Stari came uncomfortably close to his face. She kissed him. That was how she played her game. He looked at her in astonishment. She used force storm on him. He screamed. She found such amusement in this. She didn’t express it of course.

“What is your name?” Stari asked again.

“Atton,” he said.

“Well, Atton, to answer your question, pain is life. Pain is the way to enlightenment. Pain is what drives you. Pain is what makes you strong. Pain is the way of the Sith, I would think that you would know that, since you used to be one,” Stari said in her usual emotionless state.

She used fore storm again. He screamed. She was laughing hysterically inside. She then choked him. He was gasping for breath. She held his throat tight. He let out a faint whimper. Stari let go of him. Atton just wanted her to kill him. That was Stari’s favorite part, when they wanted to die. That was when it got fun. It was when you defied them that one wish, that was what Stari lived for. Stari was going to teach Atton pain. Then he would understand what Stari felt. Stari walked around the table. Atton was breathing hard. Sweat ran down his face. He stared up into the dark abyss of the room. There seemed to be no end. Stari used force storm once more. He screamed, but this time he coughed up blood. Stari wiped the blood from his mouth. Atton looked at her. His eyes pleaded her to let him die. Stari refused him his only wish.

Stari tortured Atton for weeks. Even when he went unconscious she still tortured him. There was no break from her twisted words and punishments. Atton soon grew accustom to pain, as he once had. Atton never let go of the Jedi teachings though. Stari was amused by his loyalty. She would laugh inside at his pain, but the laughing hurt. She didn’t know why though. She still laughed, the pain made no difference, she already lived with it, and this little more made no difference.

Atton lied on the cold metal table. He was breathing hard. Blood dribbled down from his mouth. Stari stood there in front of him. She ran her fingers down his throat. She laughed so hard inside. Atton could only feel blind pain. His arms were shredded by his restraints, one of his ribs was either broken or bruised, and he was coughing up blood. Stari used force storm again. He screamed. Stari brushed his messy hair out of his eyes. Stari came uncomfortably close to his face. She kissed him again. Atton hated himself for actually enjoying it.

“Atton, I’m not going to kill you any time soon. I’m going to teach you of the pain I feel constantly first,” Stari said.

Atton just stared into the open air. One of the students whispered to another. Stari whipped around. The student went silent. Stari grabbed his foot with the Force. She dragged him over to her. He pleaded with the others to help him. The students paid no attention to his pleas. Stari grabbed him by his shirt. She picked him up off the ground. He whimpered in fear.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch what you said,” Stari said.

“Nothing, nothing Mistress Stari,” he whimpered.

“Tell me what you said,” Stari said.

“I said that the Jedi was probably half senile, and you’re just wasting our time with him,” he said quietly.

“Well, I guess you’ll be my next victim, and you can learn to be senile too,” Stari said.

The student pleaded with her, but Stari paid no attention. She threw the whimpering mess onto the floor. She called one of the other students over. The student dragged him off. Stari turned back to Atton. Atton was horrified at what she had just done. The student had only been about sixteen. Stari walked over to the side of the table. She ran her hand down his face. A call came in. One of the students took it. It was another student. He said something to her, and then blinked out. The student walked over to Stari. She whispered something, and then went lurking back into the shadows. Stari turned to Atton. Stari called over another student, and told them something. Stari pointed to Atton, and the student nodded. There was a devilish smile on his face.

“It would appear that I have another Jedi to meet. They say she is an exile. Do you know here, Atton?” Stari asked.

“Don’t hurt her, please! I’m begging you, don’t hurt her!” Atton cried hoarsely.

Stari had just found the key to the last door of his mind. She walked towards the huge doors. The student was going to take over torture while she was gone. She left to the sound of Atton screaming. She turned right down another hallway. She came to a small room at the end of the hallway. They had run out of torture rooms, so they were going to start using interrogation rooms too. There had been an unusual amount of Jedi coming to the academy lately. If Master Kreia were here she would be strangling each an every Jedi out there, but then Nihilus had to come along, and beat her down. Nihilus died anyways, but they no longer had their greatest Master. Kreia had been the eldest and strongest of all the Masters. Now she followed the path of the light. It sickened Stari that this was her fate. Stari opened the old metal doors. A woman sat in a chair trying to fight against metal, just like her idiot boyfriend. Stari walked into the room. The woman had two blonde braids that rapped around her head, and ended in a ponytail in the back. She had blue eyes, the kind that could twist words and actions, it was the kind of eyes Stari had. The woman was a little older than the man had been, but still only about thirty-five. Stari didn’t care much for women that followed the light. Women deserved the power of the Dark Side. It was why Stari had scowled when Malak had crowned the Dark Lord when he had waged a coward’s battle. She had laughed when she had heard that Reven killed him in mortal combat. It was why she was sickened that Master Kreia had been beaten down in an unfair battle. The custom was that the apprentice battled his or her Master. Not The apprentice and outside help. She was happy that Sion and Nihilus had been killed by the same exile, and the exile was a woman taught by Master Kreia herself. Stari had always looked up to Master Kreia. Kreia had killed Exhar Kun, and taught Reven and Sion. She had a great reputation in the Sith. Stari loved seeing women in charge.

“We have your boyfriend, Atton, in the other room. We’ve had him for weeks now. You could call me his personal torturer,” Stari said to her.

“How dare you,” she said in a hate filled speech, “My love fell into the Malachore abyss. He’s dead.”

“Then I’m guessing he survived it, because he’s lying on a metal table bleeding,” Stari said.

She knew how to make women crack. You had to take all of the people that they loved. You had to either kill them or say you did. You had to lie most of the time, but this time Stari didn’t have to. This Jedi had the same doors and keys as Atton. They definitely knew each other. The first door, a mental Pazack game. The second, counting the imaginary ticking of an ion engine. The third, memorizing hyperspace routes on the other side of the galaxy. These were only the first few. But these two were going to lose this Pazack game.

“You know I prefer Dejark it’s a much more honest game, but if you both insist on Pazack I guess that’s what we’ll be playing,” Stari said.

“If you insist that you have him, what does he look like?” she asked.

“Messy blackish-brown hair, deep brown eyes. The kind of guy that you would find a Nar Shadda cantina,” Stari said.

“You do have him,” she said in astonishment, “Let me see him now!”

“Sorry sister, but he’s my pawn, the key to seeing you crack. You know I don’t like seeing women Jedi pawns, I rather see them Dark Lords with there hands around their enemies necks,” Stari said.

“My loyalty is with the Jedi, and Atton!” she said.

“We’ll see if you’re still be saying that after a few months,” Stari said.

She shocked her. Just like her boyfriend she didn’t even flinch. Women stood up longer than the men, or at least it seemed that way to Stari. This time it was just victim and torturer, no students to slow things down. Stari liked it that way. Students followed the rules, and didn’t understand that sometimes you had to break the rules to get the job done. And if you “accidentally” killed a victim there would be nobody to see that you might have forgotten the rules for a few minutes, and used force kill on them. Seeing this exile reminded her of when she used to be a Jedi. When she had a yellow lightsaber. When she fought for the good of the galaxy, and not for her own enjoyment. Then she killed her Master, and ran. She didn’t like to look back on those memories. Stari choked her. She was strong, really strong. She wasn’t even affected by it. Stari used kill on her. This time she made a slight wheezing sound, but nothing more. Stari used force storm on her. She grunted, but otherwise was fine. Stari used force breach on her. She tried to break free of Stari’s control, but Stari held hard. She was gasping for air. Stari still squeezed harder. There was a snapping sound, like a bone breaking. Stari let go. She groaned. She breathed in and let out a slight whimper. For these cases you needed to let go of the force, and turn to swards and daggers. When Jedi like her came around the only way to get them to crack was to actually cut them. Stari took out a dagger from the folds of her robes. It shined in the dim lighting. The key was to not cut any veins, but just the skin. Stari sliced up her arms. Stari let her wounds bleed. Stari then went to her hands. Stari sliced an x into her palms. The blood glittered in the light. The woman tried to break free. It just made her wounds worse.

“I wouldn’t try to break free, it’s only going to make it worse,” Stari said.

She spat at Stari, just like her boyfriend. Stari walked to the back of the chair. Stari sliced up her back. She screamed in pain. Stari let her bleed for a while. Stari then walked over to her face. Stari cut two long lines on each side of her face. Stari sliced up her legs next. Stari smiled inside at her pain. The woman was still having trouble breathing. She used force storm on her again. She screamed.

“So what’s your name?” Stari asked.

“Taria,” she said.

“Well, Taria, you better get used to pain because you and your boyfriend are going to have to live with it for a long, long time,” Stari said.
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