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Happy Black History Month!

I was playing the Republic Commando demo at the main screen. If you haven't seen that yet it's under the options menue in the main screen. I enjoy killing the fly bugs. When they fall to the floor their still alive so then you have to take out the blaster pistol and keep shooting at them. >:D Anyways yesturday I gave out KOTOR nicnames to all my friends. We ran out of names so we had to give Grant Bobo-Fet. But that was only because nobody wanted to be Atton. That's partly because I'm obsessed with him. Gave Shelby Kreia, she don't realize how much she's like the witch. Then Jess got Bastila. We were showing her Aimo's pictures and she was freaking out over Disciple. I can't see how anyone would think he's cute.
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Oh and to answer your question: Girls with white hair (not bleached blond but white) are hot. There is some sort of sexy thing going on with it.

What question? There was no question here. I was just posting for the sake of posting.^_^
When I read Disciple, my brain told me it said "Handmaiden". I thought your were saying you don't know why anyone would think she was hot :)

I wish you could get her if you're a girl in the game. I rather have her then that blind bat Visas.
Dude, you are sick. I just let the bugs suffer. They look like they're having a caniption. It's funner to watch them squirm in pain, because they always kill the other peoples, so then I have to go bring them back to life, so da bugs deserve it. I made this hilarious comic with my freakish virsions of the kotor gang in English. I had nothing better to do. And you spelled menu wrong.
Oh, thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! It looks sooooo much better! How did you get it so nice like that!